In the News

Tillamook Row, setting a precedent in net zero energy construction, has been highlighted in media outlets throughout the nation. Links to various articles can be found below.

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koin tv

Tillamook Row will be hosting one of a handful of tours highlighting the construction practices of a zero energy home.


fast company

Tillamook Row, one of our “2019 Innovation by Design Winner and Honoree.”


the Oregonian

“Residents of the new Tillamook Row housing complex in Portland’s Eliot neighborhood are expecting to pay nothing in energy bills.”


Portland tribune

“Can Tillamook Row in Northeast Portland save the planet? Maybe not, but it’s a step in the right direction.”


daily journal of commerce

“BCMC Properties (owner of Tillamook Row) is already growing its reputation for engaging in sustainable projects, and Tillamook Row is a huge step in that direction.”


the hollywood star

“All five buildings in this multi-family project were designed to meet the Passive House standard and produce all or more of their own energy from rooftop solar arrays.”